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With its innovative education approach, Yedi Vadi Schools offers its students a modern education opportunity with a focus on love with the slogan “Future Today”. It builds the future with its distinguished facilities and qualified staff.

A Beginning Filled with the Colors of Summer

Dear Parents and Students, in this season full of the freshness of summer, the doors of our school are waiting for you! Our enrollment period has started and we are excitedly waiting to welcome our new students and their families. With our expert teaching staff, rich programs and warm atmosphere, we are here to prepare our students for the future. Register now and let’s embark on an unforgettable learning journey together!


We are happy that we have succeeded in becoming a unique, independent educational institution with our educational philosophy and intellectual capital.

There is a future in Yedi Vadi Schools!

Think, Understand, Learn, Have Fun and Love...

Although there are many definitions, education is the process of conscious changes in human attitudes and behaviors in accordance with the aims of education. In this respect, education is the preparation of future generations for life in all its dimensions…


Bursa’s Best Private Kindergarten: Yedi Vadi Schools

Are you ready to lay the foundations of your child’s educational life firmly? Yedi Vadi Schools, Bursa’s favorite educational institution, sheds light on your child’s future with its Bursa Private Kindergarten experience.

Primary School

Bursa’s Pioneer: Yedi Vadi Schools Private Primary School

You are in the place you are looking for to start your child’s basic education life in the best way! Yedi Vadi Schools, the respected educational institution of Bursa, is known as Bursa Private Primary School and directs your child’s future with its quality education approach.

Middle School

Shining Star Yedi Vadi Schools Private Secondary School

You are in the right place to make the most of your child’s secondary school education! Yedi Vadi Schools Bursa Private Secondary School, the leading educational institution in Bursa, offers students a bright future with its quality education approach, experienced staff and modern learning environment.

Visionary and Respectable Perspective of Education Yedi Vadi

With our motto ‘From Yedi Vadi to Yedi Summit’, we have adopted the principle of raising minds that go beyond the ordinary standards in the private education sector, in our region and in our country, that put philosophy education at the center and break the memorization with all education and training practices, that think freely and produce original, acquire at least two foreign languages, ask questions, question, dream, set goals, focus on the process, and believe in continuous development.

Our Education Philosophy

Intellectual, Original and Independent

Yedi Vadi Schools are aware of the “individual”. In order for our students to become free, intellectual and independent individuals just like our school, we have embellished our ‘Educational Philosophy’ with reputable equipment and knowledge.

Pedagogical Formation

By adopting the model of emancipatory pedagogy developed by educational scientists in Europe and America, our educational institution aims to educate students as active participants and encourage them to think critically.

Scientific Education

Our education system monitors student achievement in detail with competent teachers and personal follow-up based on the 5N1K model, while effectively supporting students' academic development through frequent customized assessments and rapid feedback.

Foreign Language

Our educational philosophy advocates that language should be acquired as a means of communication and we adopt and implement a foreign language acquisition methodology that provides students with practical and interactive environments that will enable them to use the language naturally.

Intelligence Education Program (IEP)

We aim to prepare a customized education program that is suitable for students' learning speed and abilities, supported by rich educational methods and hands-on activities, and that satisfies their curiosity and intelligence.

Coding - Lego Robotics

21st century skills provide students with abilities such as problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking through coding, allowing them to solve real life problems.

Philosophy of Children (P4C)

By gathering around stimuli that trigger philosophical problems, children are guided through the process of exploring and philosophizing community-generated questions.

Life on Campus

Exclusive Facilities and High Capacity

Our school aims to provide an education at international standards with a non-commercial approach and social responsibility awareness by prioritizing quality and stakeholder satisfaction in every field from canteen services to security and hygiene standards, from educational materials to student clothing.

We aim to add value to our students and society by implementing a comprehensive and innovative education model to raise children as free, virtuous and intellectual individuals.

Contracted Institutions

International School

Yedi Vadi Schools with International Accreditations

Yedi Vadi Schools makes a difference with its education system developed in cooperation with the world’s leading educational schools in America and Europe. You will find the universal understanding of education at Yedi Vadi.

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International Accreditation

Why Choose Us

From Seven Valleys to Seven Summits

The Seven Valleys is based on the story of the seven valleys, named after the legend of Simurg, which represents the arduous journey through which birds find wisdom.

Valley of Curiosity

In this valley, filled with the desire for new knowledge, they begin to question the world and their surroundings.

Valley of Discovery

It is a journey of discovery where they begin to know themselves and understand the world around them.

Valley of Talent

It is where they recognize their own skills and talents and take steps to develop them.

Valley of Freedom

It symbolizes the moments when they overcome their fears and realize the value of free thought and expression.

Valley of Unity

They come together in this valley where they discover the power of teamwork and acting together.

Valley of Productivity

This vadi, where students develop new ideas and projects by expressing their creativity, reinforces students' productivity.

Valley of the Self

On their journey into themselves, students discover their own selves and understand their true potential; they realize the answers they are looking for in themselves.

Thank you...

We are honored with the valuable opinions of our parents who have joined our family by entrusting us with their precious children.

Thank you for joining our family.

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Here's What You Wonder!

Here you can find answers to the most curious questions about Yedi Vadi Schools. Discover everything about our educational approach, the programs we offer, the philosophy and unique approaches of our school.

Yedi Vadi Schools was established to bring a new vision to the Bursa education sector and to offer a non-commercial, unique educational approach.

The educational philosophy of Yedi Vadi Schools is based on raising students as individuals who think freely, question, speak at least two foreign languages and are open to continuous development.

As an alternative to the problem of commercialization in the private education sector, Yedi Vadi Schools aims to offer a solution through quality and philosophical educational practices.

The school organizes unique courses and activities in areas such as philosophy and intelligence education and foreign language acquisition, away from rote memorization, by providing students with original content and activities.

The main goal is to provide students with an educational process that will liberate them not only to receive knowledge, but also to experience the joy of discovery, curiosity, questioning and production.

Join Us and Become a Simurg Legend!

Join us and become a part of the Simurg legend! Embrace the journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, and weave our own tales within the timeless story of the magnificent bird.