Scientific Education

Scientific Education

Our education system is based on our teachers who are competent in their fields, open to learning and willing to teach. In the transfer of academic knowledge, we adopt a continuous and personalized individual follow-up system with feedback based on the 5N1K model. This system allows us to monitor the academic progress of each of our students in detail and provide them with the most appropriate learning strategies.

Our assessment and evaluation processes are supported by frequent, analytical and individualized assessment materials and models. While this approach ensures fast and effective results, we support the academic development of our students with our individual learning and remedial practices that are immediately activated after the assessment.

Our education system monitors student achievement in detail with competent teachers and personal follow-up based on the 5N1K model, while effectively supporting students' academic development through frequent customized assessments and rapid feedback.

The education model adopted by our school with the slogan "The main thing is to eat grapes, the rest is nothing else" aims to provide students not only with knowledge, but also with lifelong learning skills and the ability to use knowledge in practice.

In our classes of up to 18 students, we closely monitor the success process and level of each student and take special measures when necessary. Individual coaching and exam counseling, which we apply without creating unnecessary exam and academic process stress, provide an effective and functional learning environment.

Our founding staff and teachers have more than 20 years of experience as educators and we prepare a learning plan specific to each student at our school. We are aware that each student learns with different methods and priorities and we shape our education programs with this understanding. Based on the principle of “You don’t chew 1 kg of sugar cane for a gram of sugar”, we prioritize giving the essence of knowledge and not drowning students in details.

Our motto, “The main thing is to eat grapes, the rest is nothing else,” emphasizes that our students gain lifelong learning skills instead of information overload. Our academic approach, which aims to teach students how to fish rather than how to fish, aims to provide students with skills, not just knowledge. The educational model applied in our school is focused on acquisition, not teaching, which enables our students to actively use knowledge and develop their own skills.