Quality Policy


Our school is a non-commercial academy that prioritizes quality and satisfaction in its education and complementary services, and acts with a unique educational philosophy.

Original Education Approach

Liberate with Knowledge, Rise with Creativity!

Yedi Vadi Schools is an institution that offers an original and free learning environment by adopting international standards in education and acts with a non-commercial educational philosophy; with this approach, it aims to provide students with an education that is far from memorization, where they can develop their creativity and build their intellectual self.

In our school, which we have established on the basis of language, science and philosophy, we are not only different and unique with our unique education and training service, but we also have an understanding that prioritizes quality and stakeholder satisfaction in our other services, which are complementary elements of our service. Because, first and foremost, our institution is not a trading house founded by an investor or a merchant. Therefore, we are far from the disease of “Commercialization”, which is unfortunately the most important problem of our sector. On the contrary, it is an Academy or an application center where an educator who has adopted the myth/legend of “Mahmut Hodja” as a philosophy performs his own educational philosophy and knowledge. This is why we are worthy of the title of “Eğitimhane”. Our first priority is to perform our services in accordance with international standards and standards. We formulate our quality policy according to the examples of advanced education in the world and regularly update our mindset and standards accordingly. Another determinant of our quality policy is that we ourselves also benefit from the service we provide to our stakeholders, so we want for our stakeholders what we want for ourselves. Our stakeholders in the management level of the service benefit from all services such as Service, Food, Clothing and Resources from the Education and Training activity in our service card.

The fact that the children of both the owners and the managers of the institution are studying at our school is an important assurance for the other service receiving stakeholders of the institution. It must be for this reason that we are distinguished from other institutions in our lane not only by our educational philosophy and service quality difference, but also by our ability to benefit our stakeholders from the service we offer ourselves. This is our main reason for preference. Because every stakeholder knows very well that the school to which they deliver their children is headed by the administrators who are also the parents of that school. Therefore, every parent of this school delivers their child to the school with peace of mind. At the same time, they recommend our institution to their relatives. This is why we have such a high level of trust from our stakeholders.

First of all, we have a unique, free and groundbreaking quality in the Education and Training service we offer and our reason for existence. We are unique: Because we create all educational content, activities and processes ourselves. We reach a unique identity with our professional competence and experience in the educational activity we carry out, and the fact that we have a unique feature that is different from the institutions that turn mills with carrying water or are dependent on clichés and standards. We are free: Because all our investment, program and decision-making processes are determined by our own components and competence. In this context, we do not have to answer to a boss, a leader or an elder in both decision and process mechanisms regarding our work. The fact that we do not have any other concern and expectation in terms of neither property nor authority other than the effort and concern of providing the right education service to our country and nation with the legal means provided to us by our state and the authority we receive from our laws makes us free. We are a game changer: Because we differ from our peers with the vision we offer and the different service understanding and examples we put forward. We are a game changer with our pedagogical formation, academic education, language and talent services. Because we are not satisfied with the compulsory curriculum given by the national education like any other school, but we create courses and activities such as philosophy, intelligence education and foreign language acquisition, which are only our examples. With these courses and activities, we ensure the construction of an intellectual self instead of sharing guided knowledge. Instead of condemning our children to the dungeons of rote memorization and clichéd knowledge and the universe of obligation, we aim to help them discover, wonder, question and produce knowledge. In our opinion, there is no need to discover the creative child. On the contrary, it is important to provide the environment and opportunities for creative children to reveal their creativity. Our main priority is to mix the soil instead of disturbing it and to increase its productivity performance based on the fact that “interference with the soil, which is fertile in its essence, takes it away from its inherent fertility.” This is also true in the case of children and education. Yes, we are free to talk nonsense, and yes, because we “Educate without Educating.” And we believe that “Reading Liberates” just like our motto; Knowledge liberates.

In summary, the pillars of our quality policy are the priorities of international quality, ergonomics and no extra costs. Of course, we take these pillars from our philosophy of being a non-commercial and educator school, which is at the core of our schooling philosophy. We are an institution that is aware that the activity we carry out is also a social responsibility project such as education, which we have demonstrated in the example of the children we educate in our school by providing free scholarships, including clothing resources.

Wouldn’t you like your child to enter an education process that makes them free, virtuous, intellectual, responsible and productive together with our children?