Intelligence Education Program (IEP)

Intelligence Education Program (IEP)

Program Objective;

Taking into account the learning speed of the students and preparing appropriate studies for the student To eliminate the need for more resources To determine the situations of being guided according to their interests and abilities To determine the learning areas by preparing the richness of the educational methods in accordance with the needs of the student To enrich the student with activities and materials that make the student active To prepare activities that include high-level mental skills To make the student involved in life with application-oriented activities To satisfy their curiosity To determine the areas of intelligence and to identify the areas where students are talented with 5 different courses in order to create an educational environment suitable for those areas.

Productivity (Creativity)

Productivity helps children develop positive attitudes towards learning. It makes learning fun and is an effective motivator.

Avoiding errors in logic and thinking - Attention and concentration Our diversity of activities

Every student is unique, which is why Yedi Vadi Schools Private Primary School closely follows individual development. Students’ strengths and challenges are identified so that it is possible to support them in the best way possible.