Foreign Language

Foreign Language Acquisition Method

According to our philosophy of education, language is not just a store of information, but fundamentally a means of communication. Therefore, we believe that language should be acquired rather than taught. In order for language to be used as a means of communication, students should be provided with environments that enable the natural use of language and focus on increasing speaking practice. With this understanding, foreign language acquisition methodology is adopted and implemented in our school. In order for our students to be successful in language learning, we offer various opportunities and interaction environments where they can actively use the foreign language.

Our educational philosophy advocates that language should be acquired as a means of communication and we adopt and implement a foreign language acquisition methodology that provides students with practical and interactive environments that will enable them to use the language naturally.

Our school offers a language acquisition program based on CLIL methodology and CEFR standards, in cooperation with prestigious partners such as AIESEC, Cambridge, Oxford, Richmond and AIESEC, and develops students' practical language skills with an approach that emphasizes the importance of "how much you can speak".

Our staff consists of teachers specialized in foreign language teaching and we cooperate with prestigious partners such as AIESEC, Cambridge, Oxford, Richmond. Thanks to this strong collaboration, our students are able to improve their foreign language speaking skills in a short period of time. English Science and Mathematics classes are taught by foreign teachers based on the Cambridge curriculum and CLIL methodology. Our language acquisition program is based on the European Language Portfolio (CEFR) standards. Our school’s motto in language teaching can be summarized as “It is not how much you know, but how much you can speak”, which emphasizes the importance of practical use and communication skills in learning.