Pedagogical Formation

Pedagogical Formation

The pedagogical formation adopted in our educational institution is based on the model of emancipatory pedagogy. This model is an approach that has been increasingly emphasized and developed in recent years, especially by educational scientists in Europe and America. Libertarian pedagogy encourages students not only to acquire knowledge but also to critically evaluate this knowledge and to form and share their own thoughts and ideas. With this model, students are seen as active, not passive, learners; they do not play a passive role but become active participants in life and all life-related activities and practices.

By adopting the model of emancipatory pedagogy developed by educational scientists in Europe and America, our educational institution aims to educate students as active participants and encourage them to think critically.

The libertarian pedagogical model supports students to assume active roles in society as proactive individuals who can take responsibility, take initiative and develop their authentic selves, contributing to both their academic and personal development.

The basis of the emancipatory pedagogical model is that students grow up as individuals who can take initiative and exhibit a proactive attitude, rather than being anxious or worried in the processes of assuming responsibility and making decisions. By emphasizing voluntary and intellectual freedom, this model allows students to build their authentic selves. This approach supports not only students’ academic achievement but also their personal development so that they can take their place in society as responsible, thinking, questioning and contributing individuals.

Our educational philosophy and ambition is summarized in the motto “Knowledge Liberates”. This motto emphasizes the importance of our students becoming free and independent individuals by using what they learn in all areas of their lives, not just what they learn at school. In order to raise our students as individuals who question, criticize and make their own decisions, we apply the libertarian pedagogy model in all our branches, courses and activities. Thanks to the innovative approaches brought by this model, our students take important steps towards expressing themselves, interacting with each other and becoming individuals who are beneficial to society.

Our educational philosophy aims to raise our students as free individuals who think critically, make decisions and contribute to society by using libertarian pedagogy with the motto "Knowledge Liberates".