Life on Campus


Based on the founding philosophy of our school and due to the difficulties we have experienced in ensuring the desired level of food safety and control, we have decided not to offer canteen services. While canteens are seen as a necessity and for profit in schools that do not offer food services, we believe that this service is rather harmful. Our school eliminates the need for a canteen by providing healthy and adequate nutrition to our children. We provide our students with breakfast, lunch and, in some cases, afternoon breakfast. All these meals are prepared and served by our experienced chefs in our school kitchen. The food we use is frozen or bouillon-free and is not close to its expiration date. Our food lists are carefully prepared by our food engineers in accordance with the season, region, cultural characteristics and tastes of our community. In addition, in order to certify the safety and quality of our products, we keep samples for at least 72 hours in the quantities recommended by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Contrary to the occasional food safety violations in our country, our school has been approved by both official institutions and our collaborators and we are proud to be an institution that provides 100% safe food consumption.

Thanks to improved food safety, our school provides students with healthy meals prepared on-site, without the need for a canteen.

Our school offers quality shuttle service for student safety and comfort; students are safely transported from home to school with conscious drivers and experienced staff.


Our school offers a carefully selected shuttle service that meets our corporate quality standards. We have established a partnership with our business partner, the shuttle company, not only in the delivery of the service but also in the mindset and expectations, thereby raising the quality of our service to the highest levels. Every day, our high-model and comfortable vehicles, equipped with safety and responsibility awareness, accompanied by our experienced teachers or service hostesses, safely pick up our students from their homes, transport them to our school and deliver them to their families at the end of the day with the same care. We always prioritize the safety of our children, we see them not only as individuals, but also as valuable relics. We act with a careful management approach against the negligence in student transportation in our country, and we adopt the principle of providing reliable, competent and responsible transportation services.


The security of our school and the protection of our educational space is a critical priority for us and for the families who entrust us with their most valuable assets. With this awareness, we meticulously protect every area of our school not only with our competent and certified security personnel, but also with our closed circuit camera system, every corner of which is carefully monitored 24 hours a day. Thanks to the training we have provided specifically for pandemic conditions, our security team maintains strict control and a particularly vigilant approach to external entrances to ensure that no external factor can put the health and safety of our school at risk.

Our school uses experienced staff and a 24-hour camera system to ensure security, and controls visitors and external influences with health precautions rules.

Our school has won "White Flag" and "Safe School" awards for its high hygiene standards and experienced team.


Our school has adopted the principle that hygiene is a priority equal to food safety and has maximized the necessary care and attention in this area. Every corner of our school, especially our sinks, is meticulously cleaned with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and experienced staff; our staff have received special training on hygiene and have the necessary certificates. Our school, which has successfully passed the inspections of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health in Bursa and received the “White Flag” for three years starting from 2019, proudly bears the title of “Safe School” as a pioneering institution in education, nutrition, and hygiene standards.


As an educational institution, we attach great importance to the clothing of our students among the services we offer; we carefully select our clothes that complement our corporate identity, focusing on quality, hygiene and ergonomics. We consider colors and designs that reflect our corporate aesthetics and minimize the financial burden on our parents by avoiding costly alternatives such as organic or luxury brands. We act with the understanding of producing functional and aesthetic clothes that our children can easily use in daily life.

Our educational institution focuses on the quality, hygiene and comfort of the clothes, while focusing on designs that are ideal for daily use without additional costs.

Our school prioritizes quality and ergonomics with educational materials from prestigious sources, while raising students as free and virtuous individuals with its non-commercial approach and social responsibility projects.


Our school obtains high-quality teaching and learning materials and resources in accordance with international standards from world-renowned publishing organizations, especially prestigious institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford, and offers foreign language education in accordance with CEFR standards, with a focus on speaking and acquisition. Our teachers are specially trained by the same organizations to use these resources effectively, and we conduct our foreign language exams through independent organizations. In our educational activities, we prioritize local publications and materials in line with the new generation education approach, and we adopt an approach that is free from commercial concerns, serves the main purpose of education and does not bring additional costs. In addition, we follow a quality policy based on the principles of quality, ergonomics and no extra costs by prioritizing licensed and efficient tools and programs in the use of educational technologies. This policy is inspired by our school’s non-commercial, education-oriented philosophy and commitment to social responsibility projects, and in this context, we contribute to society through practices such as providing scholarships to students in need.

In this educational journey, we hope that your child will join us and embark on an educational process that will enable him/her to become a free, virtuous, intellectual, responsible and productive individual.

Nothing Is Better Than Good Education to Improve a Student's Future

A quality education is the most powerful tool in shaping a student’s future. Nothing is as valuable as the opportunities and doors opened by a good education.