Coding - Lego Robotics

Coding - Lego Robotics

One succeeds when one adapts to changing conditions! The 21st century brings with it;

Algorithmic thinking, digital literacy, computational thinking and many other disciplines have come together to create the need to gain skills in brand new areas.

Thanks to this education, students connect with cross-curricular disciplines such as Mathematics and Science and produce solutions to real life problems. Moreover, learning to code means gaining powerful ways of discovering new ideas and producing things for work and play.

Knowledge, skills and abilities acquired during childhood and development are more permanent. With this reality, starting coding education at a young age can help our children gain skills such as problem solving, synthesizing, participating in teamwork, and critical thinking.

21st century skills provide students with abilities such as problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking through coding, allowing them to solve real life problems.

By presenting coding education as a digital extension of mathematical thinking, Yedi Vadi Schools develop students' intelligence and mathematical skills through compulsory courses and special programs.

We can see coding education as one of the best application areas of mathematics. As we write coding, intelligence development will also progress. In fact, mathematics is in our daily lives. We use mathematics when buying something from the market, or when making a study program, or even when planning how we will spend our holiday. Coding is the realization of this in a slightly different way in the digital environment.

As Yedi Vadi Schools, we support the development of our students with projects that will provide these features both in the Information Technologies and Software course, which is among the compulsory courses of the Ministry of National Education, and in the Coding trainings we provide at all levels.