Bursa Robotic Coding

Robotic coding the active role of technology in every area is transforming education systems; especially, robotics coding education for children is at the heart of this change. Robotics coding stands at the forefront of this transformation, opening a new world of learning for children. Yedi Vadi Schools aim to improve both the way children think and their problem-solving skills by leading in this field. Together with robotics coding education, topics like coding for children, the importance of coding education in schools and kindergartens, coding education from an early age, and programming with Scratch and robotics are solidifying their place in education systems. These educations not only enhance children’s creativity but also prepare them for the technological world of the future. Yedi Vadi Schools aim to provide a learning environment equipped with various programs and applications to offer a solid foundation to students. With this initiative, children receive an education intertwined with technology from an early age, enhancing their creative thinking and critical analysis skills.