Scientific Education System

In the Scientific Education System, individualized approaches play a critical role in meeting the unique learning needs of each student. With this understanding, Yedi Vadi Schools offers special education programs for students, taking into account their personal learning styles, interests and abilities. With this student-centered approach, the school allows each individual to discover and develop their full potential. Thanks to this methodology that prioritizes individual differences, students are supported to learn at their own pace and methods. The individual learning programs implemented at Yedi Vadi Schools focus on the development of social and emotional skills as well as academic content, thus encouraging students to develop comprehensively.


Scientific Education

Seven Valley Schools is a pioneer in scientific education. This education provides students with analytical thinking skills. In addition, science-based projects enable students to put their knowledge into practice. Therefore, students at Yedi Vadi Schools become proficient in problem solving. Furthermore, the school offers various courses in the STEM field. In this case, math, science, engineering and technology are integrated. Therefore, students develop an interdisciplinary approach. Furthermore, Seven Valley Schools encourages integrating scientific thinking into everyday life. Thus, students internalize scientific methods and critical thinking. Therefore, graduates are able to create viable solutions to real-world problems. Furthermore, the school participates in national and international science competitions. In this case, students have the opportunity to present their scientific work to a wide audience. As a result, scientific education at Seven Valley Schools provides students with skills that will last a lifetime.

5N1K Model

Yedi Vadi Schools develops basic questioning skills by teaching students the 5N1K model. This model includes the questions “What, Where, When, Why, How, Who”. Moreover, these questions facilitate the process of accessing and analyzing information. Therefore, students have the opportunity to understand information in depth. Furthermore, the 5N1K model increases critical thinking skills. In this case, students evaluate all kinds of information from a questioning perspective. For this reason, this model is at the center of the curriculum at Yedi Vadi Schools. Thus, students are able to make informed decisions in their daily and academic lives. Furthermore, 5N1K is also effective in problem solving and decision making processes. Therefore, students use applied knowledge in real-life scenarios. As a result, 5N1K education at Yedi Vadi Schools enables students to become independent and effective thinkers.

Measurement and Evaluation

Seven Valley Schools attach great importance to measurement and evaluation processes. These processes enable students to monitor their academic progress objectively. They also provide guidance for teachers on how to improve student achievement. Therefore, continuous and comprehensive assessments are carried out. Moreover, these processes identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. In this case, individualized education plans become more effective. For this reason, Seven Valley Schools use a variety of assessment methods. Thus, the educational impact on students is maximized. In addition, the school transparently shares assessment and evaluation results with students and parents. This increases openness and accountability in educational processes. As a result, Yedi Vadi Schools’ assessment and evaluation systems are designed to support student achievement and continuously improve the quality of education.

Individual Learning

Yedi Vadi Schools support each student to progress at their own pace by adopting an individual learning approach. This approach focuses on students’ personal interests and needs. It also provides customized education plans for each student. Therefore, the learning experience becomes more effective and meaningful. In addition, teachers closely monitor students’ individual achievements. This allows for quick intervention and support when needed. For this reason, the learning process at Yedi Vadi Schools is much more flexible. Thus, students are able to make the best use of their potential. Furthermore, the school integrates technology into individual learning processes. Therefore, students learn with a variety of digital tools. As a result, the individual learning program at Yedi Vadi Schools allows each student to discover and develop their own talents. This maximizes students’ academic and personal development.


In conclusion, individual learning programs at Yedi Vadi Schools contribute to students’ personal and academic development. Customized education plans enable students to learn in the way that best suits them, which increases their motivation and achievement. This personalized attention and support allows students to feel confident both at school and in other areas of life. In this way, Seven Valley Schools emphasizes the effectiveness and value of individualized approaches to education.