Disability Week Event

Disability Week is a critical time for society to understand and empathize with the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Yedi Vadi Schools aims to raise awareness among students and society through various empathy activities organized during this week. The activities provide students with a realistic perspective by simulating the obstacles faced by people with disabilities in daily life. These activities also provide students with the opportunity to develop social responsibility and communication skills.


Disability Week

Disability Week aims to raise awareness in society and emphasize the rights of people with disabilities. Therefore, Seven Valley Schools organize various activities during this special week. Also, all students of the school participate in these activities. Thus, they develop empathy and understanding. For this reason, Yedi Valley Schools’ programs promote solidarity with people with disabilities. On the other hand, the school offers seminars and workshops on disability rights. This raises the awareness of the community on this issue. In this case, students better understand the difficulties of people with disabilities in everyday life. Hence, Seven Valley Schools provides a platform for positive changes towards people with disabilities. Therefore, an atmosphere of unity and solidarity prevails in the school during the week. In addition, success stories of people with disabilities are shared during this week. Thus, students are inspired and shown that it is possible to overcome obstacles. Yedi Vadi Schools plays an important role in promoting social awareness and equality during the Disability Week.

May 10-16 Disability Week

May 10-16 Disability Week is dedicated to raising social awareness and understanding. Therefore, Seven Valley Schools organize special programs during this week. In addition, the school’s students participate in various activities interacting with people with disabilities. Therefore, students have the chance to understand the life experiences of people with disabilities more closely. On the other hand, Yedi Vadi Schools offer awareness-raising seminars on disability rights. This strengthens empathy in students and teachers. In this case, the school tries to make the society more inclusive and sensitive. Therefore, Yedi Vadi Schools takes an active role in strengthening the place of people with disabilities in society. Therefore, it highlights the achievements and stories of people with disabilities throughout the week. In addition, the activities carried out during this week draw attention to the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Thus, it is tried to increase the sensitivity of the society on this issue. As a result, Yedi Vadi Schools makes a significant contribution to promoting social equality and justice during the May 10-16 Disability Week.

Disability Week Board

The Disability Week board is an important tool to raise social awareness. Therefore, Seven Valley Schools carefully prepare these boards. They also showcase the achievements and stories of people with disabilities. For this reason, these boards are placed in every corner of the school. On the other hand, Yedi Vadi Schools make these boards more effective by making them interactive. Thus, students’ knowledge about disability increases and their sensitivity improves. In this case, the aim is to create a positive change in society. Therefore, the boards play a key role in breaking down prejudices about disability at school. Therefore, the boards are updated throughout the year and new information is added. They are also decorated with student projects and artwork. Thus, every member of the school has the chance to raise awareness on this important issue. At Seven Valley Schools, the Disability Week board serves as an essential resource for education and awareness.

Disability Week Empathy Event

Disability Week provides an opportunity to build empathy and understanding. Therefore, Seven Valley Schools organize activities to understand the experiences of people with disabilities. Furthermore, these activities allow students to experience the challenges of people with disabilities. For this reason, simulation activities and interactive games are of great importance. On the other hand, Yedi Vadi Schools raise students’ awareness of social responsibility through these activities. Thus, students learn to communicate better with people with disabilities. In this case, the school community becomes more inclusive and responsive. Thus, empathy activities ensure that students are prepared for real-life situations. Therefore, every year these activities are updated and enriched. In addition, people with disabilities take part in the activities and share their experiences. Thus, students’ empathy skills are reinforced through direct interaction. The empathy activity at Yedi Vadi Schools supports social awareness and integrity.


As a result, empathy activities organized at Yedi Vadi Schools help students gain a deeper understanding of the lives of people with disabilities. Through these activities, students develop their empathy skills and discover their potential to create positive change in society. Through these activities, the school encourages students to better communicate with people with disabilities and be sensitive to the challenges they face in society. Thus, Yedi Vadi Schools takes a leading role in both education and social awareness, taking important steps towards creating an inclusive society.