Bursa private School yedi vadi schools

Yedi Vadi Schools, a prominent educational institution in Bursa, is noted for its quality education philosophy and innovative teaching methods. Starting from Balkan Neighborhood and spreading to all corners of the city, our schools offer specialized education programs for every age group from kindergarten to middle school. This unique educational environment enables children to discover and develop their individual talents, preparing them for the challenges of the future. Yedi Vadi Schools aim not only to provide knowledge but also to instill a passion for exploring life and the skill to express oneself.


Bursa Private Primary School

We offer a rich learning environment for students. Bursa Private Primary School delivers excellence in basic education and values the individual talents of children. Character education is as important to us as academic success, which is why we teach respect and responsibility. Our students experience interactive learning in modern classrooms, integrating technology as part of education. Each student receives personal attention, allowing early identification and solutions to learning difficulties. Activities that develop children’s social skills are regularly organized, enabling them to gain teamwork and leadership skills. Foreign language education is highly valued, starting English learning at an early age. Health and sports activities support students’ physical development, making our gyms and playgrounds top-notch. Aiming to be the best primary school in Bursa, we ensure the holistic development of your children.

Bursa Private Middle School

Bursa Private Middle School prioritizes the holistic development of students, balancing academic excellence with personal growth. We enhance self-confidence and independent thinking skills. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are highly valued, often incorporating projects and group work. We offer an interdisciplinary learning experience, equipping students with real-world skills. Art, music, and drama are integral parts of our curriculum, enabling students to express their creativity. Our laboratory work promotes scientific thought, increasing interest in science. Sports and physical activities ensure students stay healthy, encouraging participation in various sports. Foreign language education provides a global perspective, preparing our students to be competitive internationally. As the best middle school in Bursa, we aim to maximize each student’s potential.

Bursa Private Kindergarten

Bursa Private Kindergarten supports children’s development in the best possible way and offers a fun and educational environment. Hence, the children’s eagerness to learn remains vibrant at all times. We place great importance on creativity in education, thus, art and music classes are included in our program. We focus on developing children’s social skills, highlighting the abilities to make friends and share. We instill healthy living habits from an early age, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Providing a safe environment is our priority, hence, our school’s security measures are top-notch. We also place great importance on children’s emotional development, therefore, activities that enhance their emotional intelligence are organized. We develop individual approaches that suit each child’s learning pace, ensuring a balanced development in all areas.

Balkan Neighborhood Private Kindergarten

Our private kindergarten in the Balkan Neighborhood prioritizes children’s education and offers activities that enhance creativity. Early childhood education is very important to us, so we have developed programs suited to every child’s learning pace. Our play-based learning method makes acquiring knowledge enjoyable, allowing our little ones to discover new things daily. We maintain close communication with families, as cooperation is key to success, supporting children’s development at home as well. Social and emotional skills are the foundation of academic success, helping children easily adapt to social environments. A safe and loving environment promotes learning, with security and happiness being priorities at our school. Creative arts and physical activities provide a balanced education, allowing children to develop both physically and mentally. We are the ideal choice for families looking for a private kindergarten in the Balkan Neighborhood. You can confidently entrust your children to us.


Yedi Vadi Schools offer your children a high-quality, innovative, and holistic educational experience in Bursa Osmangazi. We value personal development as much as academic success. Contact us to shape your child’s future.